Why would you need Lawyers in Spain while you travel

By Admins
Mar 21st, 2014

People enjoy traveling around the world, but this activity involves a lot of work to do, including : packing, planning and making reservations. Even though you are aware that you have to arrange lots of things, most of travelers forget about the legal preparation that traveling takes. Things like the legal paperwork, insurances and legal awareness of the place are some of the issues that one must have done and known before they took the transportation to the country.

Lawyers are prepared for all this work; they know all the small processes that need to be done and have several experience doing this work. If you go to Spain, hiring an attorney from law firms in Spain would ease your worries. Here you have 3 important tasks that lawyers in Spain would do for you if you travel to this country.

Legal paperwork

When you want to enter in another country you need some required documents before. A visa and a valid passport are the most important ones. Your passport should be valid for at least 90 days beyond the period of stay. If you are traveling by sea, air or land you must provide these documents which verify your identity and citizenship. If you have children you will need to proof the relationship between your kids and you, an evidence of consent from both parents.

If your agenda is very tight planning all the fun things that you are going to do in Spain, the easiest thing to do is to hire a lawyer in Spain who will do all this boring and complicated paperwork. Your hired lawyer will inform you which travel documents you will need to enter to Spain without problems. In this way, the only worry you will have is what clothes you are going to wear.


As we know, sickness and emergencies are unexpected and we do not know when they will happen. You have to be prepared for any situation abroad so you will need a life and health insurance while traveling.  If you look for lawyers in Spain and find the best one, this attorney will recommend you the best one and how to get it. Before purchasing any policy that covers you abroad, investigate what medical services you can receive with it and which ones not.

Legal awareness

Customs and traditions of all the countries are always different and the same happens with their rules and laws. It’s very important to know what is legal and what it is not in Spain if you want to avoid being in jail innocently. People that violate some laws are arrested even if they did not know the existence of these rules or if it is legal in your country. For example, if you drive under the influence or consuming alcohol in the streets of some cities of Spain like in Madrid, you can be arrested and been in jail instantaneously. Another important thing is that the police in Spain are very strict with immigration. It is advisable to have a copy of your valid passport at any moment.

That is why it is important to know which are the laws and rules of Spain before entering the country. Lawyers in Spain can show and explain to you which are the uncommon rules so you can avoid jail and have fun. Lawyers in Spain know by hand all the current laws and rules of Spain.

You should take into consideration some important aspects before traveling to another country like Spain. You should prepare some essential paperwork like your visa and valid passport and a proof of relationship between your children and you, investigate if your insurane covers your health overseas and if it does not, you should look for another one so you can be covered if you are sick or have an accident; and the most important thing, you should be aware of what laws and rules are current in Spain so you can prevent being in jail innocently. If all these steps overwhelmed you, you can hire a lawyer in Spain who will do the travel documents, recommend you an effective health insurance and guide you what thing you should and should not do in some cities.