Relationship between a law firm in Spain and a Real Estate Agency

By Admins
May 20th, 2014

A law firm in Spain can and will assist you with any doubt you may have, the real estate agency will do the same, the difference is that one will give legal advisors, the other real estate advisors, if you are looking to buy or sell a house, the 2 agencies we have mentioned are your answer.

In case you are feeling unconvinced we have for you more quick facts.

Online Environment

The real estate agencies have of late come to the technological environment, because of the sudden boom of the Internet in the last decade or so, more and more real estate business have started to list the ads of properties for sale online, clients can upload the description and photos of the house they are looking to sell and wait patiently for the potential buyers to make the long awaited call.

Buy a property online

You can browse the web and find at least one website with a real estate lawyer in Spain or lawyers, who belong to a Law Firm in Spain, such firms will guide with the paperwork necessary to buy a house. They can even help you if you wish to acquire a property that it is still under construction. The documentation and piles of legal forms you will need to fill out can become a bothersome task, which is why you should consider hiring a lawyer that has the expertise in this kind of matters.

Sell a house online

If you decide to hire the services of real estate agencies online, such as the IREA-AII Group, which is a well-known real estate enterprise with multiple websites, where you can list your property; then, equally we suggest you hire law firms in Spain, or a particular lawyer who you trust, in order for you to seize the advantages of selling houses online, and without directly dealing with the legal paperwork that comes with it. You need only to trust your lawyer and let him or her do their work.

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