FAQ for student visa in Spain

By Admins
Jun 27th, 2014

If you are looking for living and studying in Spain the first thing you will need to get is a student visa. Then, you will need to get informed about many aspects such as the college or university where you want to study, the place you are going to live in, etc.

So, to make your decision easier here we will answer some you your doubts related to obtaining a student visa in Spain. If you need more info you can go to visasforspain.com:

What is a student visa?

A student visa allows you to study and live in Spain until you finish your studies. It also allows you to make any kind of related research and training activities, volunteer yourself for a program, participate in student mobility programs, etc.

Can I work with a student visa?

You can work in Spain with a student visa only if the work is related to the studies you are doing. Bear in mind you’ll need a release prior to the start date of work. You can get it in the corresponding Foreign Office. Also, for practices that apply to the curriculum, such authorization is required.

What study opportunities do I have with a visa?

With a student visa you can make university degrees, postgraduate and research studies and Spanish speaking courses only if salary does not come from the institution or university where the studies will be done. If you receive a salary from the institution you are studying in, you  must apply for a residence visa with work permit, For more info you can go to: visasforspain.com.

These are the three most common questions for people who decide to study in Spain for a while . Besides this, you must take into consideration the steps and legal procedures necessary to conduct such studies as obtaining a student card and the NIE, on which you can be informed through spanishnienumber.com.