Aspects to keep in mind when consulting a lawyer

By Admins
Ago 27th, 2014

If you need a lawyer to represent you or to give you advice, you can ask your friends or family since it is a good idea to contact a recommended lawyer. However, if you need advice in the real estate area, is definitely the best choice for you if you are in Spain. In this article you can find the main aspects you need to keep in mind when consulting a lawyer.

Ask about the initial payment

In most  cases, you need to pay for the initial consultation. Be sure to check the prices in advance, so you won’t have any surprise about it. You usually have to pay before the meeting or the consultation with the lawyer.

Review several options

A good idea is to call several lawyers and explain your situation, and be sure to explain every detail about it. Listen to the advice of each one and see if he or she can take care of your issue. Choose the one that seems the most secure about the solution he or she offers. You also have to be comfortable with the feeling the lawyer gives you.

Request the estimated price

It’s a good idea to request the estimated price that the lawyer usually charges for taking care of a case like yours. There are agencies like NIE Number where all the prices are  in the website. If you want to get an online NIE number in Spain you make the payment through the site and nothing more.

Ask about the fees

Some lawyers charge per hours or some others take a percentage of the rewarding you get during the trial. Depending on your situation, it’s a good idea to consult about this issue in advance.

The first consultation is an opportunity for you and your lawyer meet with each other. You describe your case deeply and you lawyer should provide a solution for it, and explain the fees to you. Don’t be shy and try to solve every doubt you have. Also, don’t hesitate about asking your lawyer what is his or her experience in regards to cases similar to yours.