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Mar 21st, 2014

People enjoy traveling around the world, but this activity involves a lot of work to do, including : packing, planning and making reservations. Even though you are aware that you have to arrange lots of things, most of travelers forget about the legal preparation that traveling takes. Things like the legal paperwork, insurances and legal awareness of the place are some of the issues that one must have done and known before they took the transportation to the country.

Lawyers are prepared for all this work; they know all the small processes that need to be done and have several experience doing this work. If you go to Spain, hiring an attorney from law firms in Spain would ease your worries. Here you have 3 important tasks that lawyers in Spain would do for you if you travel to this country. (más…)

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Mar 11th, 2014

There are several aspects in the field of insurances, where you can ask law firms in Spain to assist you and guide you. This is a sort of investment you should consider making, since it will secure your future.

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Among some insurance that you may find interesting, we have as follow:

Life Insurance

With a life insurance, you are guarantying that the people you care about will be able to withhold themselves in the mists of a calamity, such as, your untimely departure from this world. While you visit our homepage you may want to read about insurances in Spanish, we recommend the site:

Life insurances provide to your descendants or whomever you decided as your beneficiary with a financial cover, one that they may access to when you die, it can be given annually or when they reach a certain age, in case they are very young.

  Travel Insurance

You can ask law firms in Spain to assist you with the arrangements for travel insurance. When you plan for a vacation, whether is a long one or just a couple of days, you better have an insurance that will cover any lose you might suffer during your travels abroad, which include: personal liabilities, the loss of your belongings, medical expenses, even the travel delays.  As you can see, having this type of insurance benefits you a great deal when traveling abroad.

Divorce Insurance

The divorce insurances sometimes are the most used in the field of insurances, it gives you a secure clause, should your marriage ends up in a divorce, you will receive a retribution a cash benefit, which will help you for example if you have children. Divorce Insurances are the decision of two, as a recommendation it is always good to discuss that type of decision with your future partner, along with a lawyer’s presence.

Property Insurance

When you possess several properties under your name, it is wise to hire the services of law firms in Spain, which can guide you and help you administrate them, they will tell you which insurance company could be best, help you select the ideal plan to insure one or all your properties. This insurance policy includes, fire damage, general damage made by third parties, weather related situations.

Here are some types of insurances, referring to specific properties:

  • Home Insurance: with this insurance your home will have a security policy, in case one of the following options happens: a fire, earthquake, a flood, proven wreck damages done to your house by others.

On occasions when the house is on an area prone to earthquakes, you can have a special insurance policy, which will be designed with the sole purpose of insuring any damage related to that clause (earthquakes).

  • Crop Insurance: This type is meant for farmers, if you are planning on starting your own business or already have one, you could hire a lawyer who will represent you and give you the ideal legal advice. With a crop insurance, the insurance company safeguards the products you have, in case of a plague (a disease affecting your plants), forest fire, frost damage, or insects damaging your merchandise. Any and all of this possible calamities can happen and it would be good to have your goods insured.
  • Marine Insurance: you can insure your ships, boats and cargo vessels, in case they are wracked on a storm at sea or if you lose your cargo inland on waterways. Usually, the marine insurance will provide the owner of the vessels with a monetary retribution, depending on the damage their property suffered.
  • Volcano and Windstorm Insurance: These two types of insurances cover loses of properties, which are close to a Volcano and could suffer damages due to volcanic eruptions or the properties built on an areas prone to have Hurricanes pass through it.

In all of this insurances, you must always ensure that you contract specifies correctly the kind of damage the insurance will cover, because if you do not know it will become a complication when something does happens and you find out that your insurance company does not cover the damage done to your property or yourself. In light of all of this, it is quite clear that you should let experts, such as lawyers to handle these details in order for you to end up with an insurance policy, which will safeguard your assets. Consult our sites in Spanish in case you may have doubts: